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About EVE

EVE is committed to broadening the investor base in digital assets, and will offer extensive education and a robust community that will help everyone feel empowered to invest in this new asset class.

EVE is where members can begin or continue their digital asset investing journey. From providing extensive education for anyone new to digital assets, to helping experts answer their most complex crypto questions, EVE is here to provide unique programming for each valued member. Combining education with a vibrant community, EVE will be a place for all investors to feel empowered to explore this new asset class. EVE will also make it easy to invest through its curated offering of diversified digital asset portfolios, with the highest priority on safety and security.

Meet the team

After nearly a decade each in this space, EVE’s founders, Sadie Raney, Elaine Asher and Matthew Kern, have seen firsthand how intimidating crypto can be. They have also witnessed its potential for wealth creation, so they decided to join forces to build a powerful community where everyone can learn about, and confidently invest in, digital assets.

The team brings together decades of professional experience spanning technology, finance, asset management, innovation and entrepreneurship. They are long-time collaborators with deep domain expertise. Sadie and Matthew previously founded Makara, the first SEC registered digital asset robo-advisor (acquired by Betterment). And Elaine and Sadie have worked together at Strix Leviathan, one of the longest running digital asset hedge funds.

There is no better team to broaden participation in digital asset investing by offering this inclusive community, approachable education and curated investments.
We are thrilled to invite you to join EVE.

Who we are

Sadie Raney

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

I firmly believe that the next wave of sustainable wealth generation will come from crypto and digital asset investing. However investing in crypto is a daunting task because few people know where to start or whom to trust. EVE is a place for everyone and anyone to begin or continue their crypto journey. We are a community focused on educating and preparing members to engage with, and invest appropriately in, this asset class. It is imperative that female, non-binary and male investors are equally prepared to invest in the future of the financial markets. EVE is here to assist in building that future for our community

Elaine Asher

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
During quarantine, I hosted Crypto 101 zoom sessions for some girlfriends, who told their friends, who told more friends. One day I logged on to see 200 women I'd never met, eager to learn about crypto but unsure where to start or who to trust. EVE is the realization of my dream to empower more women to invest in digital assets.

Matthew Kern

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
As a proud father to three daughters, I have seen how unwelcoming the crypto industry can be to women. EVE will be a place where everyone can feel comfortable learning in a supportive, inclusive environment.