Wealthverse Summit

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Your Invitation to Wealth & Worth in Web3

The definition of wealth for us at Eve encompasses so much more than money - it is an abundance of time, energy and resources. We'll dive into the history of money, the paradigm shift we are now in and ground ourselves in a meditation to kick off the Summit [11:00 AM ET]

Alana Podrx

Founder, Eve Wealth 

Amanda Kelly Espiritu

Community, Eve Wealth

Brittany Simone Anderson

Yoga Therapist + Wellness Educator 

Navigating the OpenSea of NFTs

Beyond pictures of Apes, what are the use cases of NFTs as a technology? We'll explore the opensea of the NFT universe with experts building new protocols transforming the space. [12:00 PM ET]

Tara Fung 

Founder, Co:Create

Vanessa Kincaid


Janice Taylor

CEO, EQ Exchange

Laura Vidiella del Blanco

VP, LedgerPrime


How to Scale Empathy 

Behind every strong web3 project is an even stronger community. We will explore what it takes to build community, decentralize leadership and create belonging [12:30 PM ET]

Lisa Carmen Wang


Sam Stevens

Core Team, BoysClub

Olivia Peacock

Founder, Crypto Dames

Denise Shaefer 

Co-Founder, Surge


Trust, Safety & Security 

Hacks, exploits and scams have been a part of crypto from the beginning. We dive into how to set yourself up safely and top tips for security - even in the scariest of times [1:30 PM ET]

Nicole Adarme 


Katelyn Perna

VP Security, BlockFi

Verity Coltman

Director of Business Development, Coinbase


How to DAO 

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have rallied together to do things from buying sports teams to creating new cities. We dive into the landscape, challenges and tools for starting or joining a DAO [2:00 PM ET]

Eshita Nandini


Katya Pranitskaya 


Nicole d'Avis 

Seed Club 

Réka Macy

Agora | Guild 

How to DYOR

We hear it all the time DYOR - Do Your Own Research. But what does that mean? We will walk through the frameworks crypto hedge funds use when assessing tokenized projects and managing risk [2:45 PM ET]


Sadie Raney 

Co-Founder, Strix Leviathan | Makara


Crypto Careers 

So you've gone beyond interested and you want crypto to be a part of your life. But what careers are out there? We break it down in our crypto careers panel  [3:30 PM ET]


Julia Rutzen 


Manasi Vora 

Women in Blockchain  

Isabella de Brito 

Talent Protocol 


Web3 Angels

Not all projects are tokenized and so ownership of web3 infrastructure happens through early stage venture investing. We dive into the frameworks and technology increasing access - and how you can get started.  [4:00 PM ET]


Joyce Yang

Founder, Global Coin Research 

Min Teo

Co-Founder, Ethereal Ventures

Maya Bakhai 

Partner, Spice Capital

Jules Miller 

Partner, Mindset Capital | VC3 DAO

How to Fund Your Project: Grants 

Every project needs funding, and all funding needs a project. But how do you secure the money? We dive into how you can use grants to fund your next Web3 project [6:00 PM ET]

Anna Kryukova 


Janine Leger 


Joy Souligny


Megan Klimen 

Filecoin Foundation


Web3 Portfolio

Stock and bond portfolios have become a staple in the finance world but where does crypto fit into yours? We talk about building your own portfolio strategy in a web3 world  [6:45 PM ET]


Anam Lakhani

Co-Founder, Alinea

Deborah Yang

Co-Founder, Daizy 

Megan Knab 

CEO, Franklin | VP, Seretonin 

Katie Talati

VP, Arca 

URL/IRL Real Estate 

More and more big brands are making the leap into the Metaverse and real estate. We dive into IRL, virtual and tokenized real estate to discuss the tradeoffs and potential [7:30 PM ET]

Dr. Gigi Graziosi Casimiro


Kiki Federico 

Wilder World   

Michelle Killoran 


Scarlet Chen  



Why Care? Use Cases for Crypto

Right now it looks like 'web3' and crypto are only used for transaction, money and gambling. But there are a number of leaders in the space who believe it can change the world. Learn about the use cases in climate, identity, resources and more [8:15 PM ET]


Genevieve Leveille

Founder, Agriledger

Rebecca Mqamelo

Co-Founder, OAK 

Magenta Ceiba

Founder & ECO, Bloom Network 

Chie Tanaka

Ohio DAO 



Enter the Wealthverse 

Curious about what a Metaverse is?

We created one with our friends at Stageverse 
for you to experience at the Summit Afterparty. 

We will be live streaming performances and moving into social hour. Meet the team and other Wealthverse attendees! [9:00 PM ET]


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