Making of a DAO

Season #1 Episode #10

Welcome to a special Behind the Scenes episode as we wrap up our very first season of the podcast! 

Throughout the season, we’ve explored and demystified many foundational concepts in the Web3 space. Nothing was off-limits, from virtual land sales to cyber security, crypto, and DAOs. Our goal? To create a safe space for traditionally underrepresented people to feel comfortable getting curious and talking about this new revolution. We’re just getting started!

In this conversation, I’m joined by three members of Eve Wealth who have each been a critical part of our podcast team. Mary, Chelsea, Alana, and I talk about why we wanted to start the podcast, how this first experiment with the DAO worked, what it was like for our global community to come together to make this production happen, key challenges and opportunities we uncovered along the way, plans for the future of the show and Eve Wealth, and more.


Why we wanted to share what goes on behind the scenes of the podcast

How DAOs are changing the way we think about organizations

The motivation behind creating the Women, Wealth, & Web3 podcast

How being a part of a DAO helped Mary start her angel investing journey

Eve Wealth DAO’s origin story

Some of the highlights that came out from our dive deep into Web3

Challenges and opportunities that came out of decentralized collaboration

Topics we plan to explore and people we’d love to talk to in Season 2

What’s on the horizon for Eve Wealth?

Key terms

  • DAO (decentralized autonomous organization): A blockchain-based organization that is democratically managed by members through open-source code and typically formalized by self-enforcing smart contracts. DAOs lack centralized management structures/ All decisions are voted upon by network stakeholders. DAOs often utilize a native utility token to incentivize network participation, and allocate proportional voting power to stakeholders based on the size of their stake. As DAOs are built on top blockchains — often Ethereum — their transactions are executed transparently on the underlying blockchain.

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