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Season #1 Episode #9

Blockchain technology allows us to collaborate to create solutions that would otherwise be impossible.

Today we’re excited to be joined by Roselyne Wanjiru from Nile Capital to explore the opportunities created by blockchain technology’s ability to move money across the African continent faster and cheaper than traditional finance solutions.

Roselyne is an economist and blockchain strategy consultant. She is the Lead Research Analyst at Nile Capital, a digital assets advisory platform that enables investors to leverage financial opportunities in emerging technology platforms. She has served as the Director of Growth and User Acquisitions at Pesabase, a premier payments and remittance solutions provider in Africa. Roselyne is also a keynote speaker and thought leader in Africa’s budding blockchain ecosystem. She’s passionate about the need for innovation in and adoption of emerging technologies for economic efficiency and the creation of new opportunities for youth in Africa as contributors, not just consumers in the global digital economy.

In this conversation, Roselyne and I talk about the new opportunities created by blockchain in emerging markets, how the remittance and payment transfer spaces have evolved in the last decade, the ways digital finance solutions help underbanked communities, blockchain solutions that are increasing financial inclusion, and more.



Welcome Roselyne Wanjiru

Roselyne’s journey to working in the digital asset space

The positive change in the space with more women sharing their voice

Understanding the context in which M-Pesa was launched

How M-Pesa has helped to increase financial inclusion across Africa

Pesabase’s mission to reduce the cost of sending remittances

Opportunities and obstacles when it comes to the widespread adoption of these types of solutions in emerging markets

Why a public ledger is more secure than traditional solutions

How Africa’s growing youth population is set to impact the Web3 space

Tackling the problem of scamming and hacks

The things that keep Roselyne inspired and motivated about blockchain technology

How to get started with investing in crypto

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