Ponzi or Protocol

Season #1 Episode #7

How risky are your investments? Should you be thinking about your web3 investments differently from traditional investments? What are some of the red flags that signal a potentially shady protocol or ecosystem?

As more people move away from traditional financial advisors, individual investors have to research and make informed decisions in a way we never had before. Having good strategies and filters for making financial decisions is crucial. That’s where Daizy comes in.

Today we’re joined by Deborah Yang, CEO, and co-founder of Daizy, a sustainability insights app for informed investing. Through Daizy, Deborah is on a mission to create a community of knowledgeable investors who are making money and doing good in the world.

In this conversation, we talk about the growing number of DIY investors and the problem with investing from an uninformed place, why understanding risk, diversification, and sustainability is crucial for all investors, how Daizy works, what risk management looks like in practice, ESG risk in crypto investments, and more.


Welcome Deborah Yang

Deborah’s money mantra

The mission behind the investing app, Daizy

The difficulty connecting with non-male users

Helping everyday investors understand risk, diversification, and sustainability

The Daizy experience

Getting started with Daizy

Gambling versus investing in the crypto space

How you can use core-satellite investing

What risk management looks like in practice

Red flags that can signal problematic projects

Using Daizy to help you to vet potential investments

Evaluating ESG risk in crypto investments

Building a community of informed investors

What’s next for Deborah



Daizy Website https://daizy.com/

Deborah Yang on Twitter https://twitter.com/DeborahAYang

Deborah Yang on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborah-yang-4b38b8/


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