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Season #1 Episode #5

How has blockchain technology evolved in recent years? What will the future of Web3 look like? How will cross-chain systems impact average Web3 users?

Web3 is a back-end revolution that intends to combine the logic of the internet with the logic of the computer. As technology grows, people have created different blockchains to solve different issues, and the need for them to communicate with each other has arisen. That’s where cross-chain communication comes in.

Today’s guest, Barbara Liau, is the COO of Nomad, a security-first cross-chain messaging protocol, and she’s giving us insight into what’s being built now on Web3 and how it will impact everything.

In this episode, Barbara shares how she got into the Web3 space many years ago, her unique approach to investing in NFTs, why we have to get comfortable with failure, how cross-chain systems like Nomad benefit everyday users, and move the space forward, and more.


Welcome Barbara Liau

Barbara’s introduction to blockchain

How the industry has evolved over the past seven years ago

Barbara’s couch NFTs and her eclectic approach

Why Barbara describes herself as a collector of hobbies

The inevitable failures that come with being early

The advantage of having an experimental mindset

Barbara’s most significant losses in the Web3 space

Strategies you can use to simplify investing in crypto

Barbara’s people-centered investment philosophy

Where we are with blockchain and cross-chain ecosystems

What is cross-chain messaging?

Nomad’s unique position of prioritizing security and cost

The types of problems cross-chain messaging can solve

How bridges work in Web3

What Barbara sees as the future of decentralization

Why Nomad has always prioritized cross-chain governance


Key terms used in the show

  • NFT: Non-fungible tokens; An entry on a blockchain establishing who has ownership of a digital item.

Definition source:

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