Fake Internet Money

Season #1 Episode #3

Is it safe to participate in digital communities? How can you avoid scams? What can you do to secure your digital assets?

In the last year, we’ve seen a lot of hype building around the crypto space. At the same time, there’s been a lot of volatility, and we keep hearing about hacks and scams.

Katelyn Perna, VP of Security Strategy & Crypto Custody at BlockFi, joins us to share her best strategies for safely investing and managing our digital assets in a Web3 world that makes security our responsibility.

In this episode, Katelyn and I talk about the basic steps we can all take to ensure our digital assets are secure, why education is the key to overcoming the fear of investing in digital assets or participating in digital communities, red flags to be aware of, how to avoid scams, and more.

If you’ve been excited to invest in the digital economy but are hesitant about the risks involved, this episode is for you. Katelyn’s insights have changed my mindset on how I protect myself on the internet and my viewpoints on diving into crypto investing. Enjoy the episode!


Welcome Katelyn Perna

Katelyn’s introduction to the world of crypto

Why Katelyn went all-in on the non-traditional path

Having a continuous learning mindset

The underlying aspects of crypto and blockchain that captured Katelyn’s interest

Key security concerns when engaging in the Web3 space

Cultivating a security-first mindset

Why self-sovereignty is inherently challenging

The far-reaching problem of poor cyber hygiene

Differentiating between a cold wallet and a hot wallet

The rule of thumb you can use to decide how much to keep in a hot wallet

Simple strategies to protect your assets

How scammers play on normal human behaviors and stress responses

Understanding the mindset of bad actors

Resources you can use to educate yourself on best practices for Web3 security

What excites Kate the most as the Web3 world continues to develop

Key terms used in the show

  • Seed Phrase: A series of random words you can use to access your wallet and all the crypto inside it. Never share it.
  • 2FA: 2-Factor Authentication; An extra layer of security (in addition to a username and password) used to ensure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are.
  • Cyber Hygiene: Steps that users of computers and other devices can take to improve their online security and maintain system health.

Definition source: https://authy.com/what-is-2fa/, https://www.kaspersky.com/resource-center/preemptive-safety/cyber-hygiene-habits

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