Castles in the Sky

Season #1 Episode #1

Why are investors spending millions to buy land in a virtual world?  What opportunities does the metaverse hold for creators and artists? How do communities engage with each other within the metaverse?

There’s been increasing buzz about the metaverse in the last two years. From Facebook’s rebranding to Meta to Dolce & Gabbana’s first NFT sale, which included a $1.3M crown, news of the metaverse is everywhere. At the same time, with these lofty conversations and acronyms thrown around, it’s still an intimidating topic for the everyday person.

We’re excited to welcome Claire Seidler, COO and co-founder of Stageverse, to help demystify the making of a metaverse. Stageverse helps creators, communities, and brands build beautiful 3D spaces in their social metaverse platform.

In this episode, Claire and I talk about how Stageverse got started, why there’s no one way to define the metaverse, how Stageverse takes social media to the next level, creating safety and security in the metaverse, doing social good in the metaverse, why land is so valuable in a virtual landscape, what sets apart the worlds that are winners and losers, the relationship between the creator economy and claiming space in the metaverse, Stageverse’s upcoming land sale, and more.



Introducing Claire Seidler and Stageverse

Claire’s digital marketing background and her path to tech entrepreneur

Why there are so many interpretations of how to define the metaverse

Stageverse’s early days as a virtual venue platform

Stageverse’s evolution into an expanded digital platform

How users engage with each other and the platform in Stageverse

What the future looks like for unlocking creativity on the platform

The exciting ways artists and creators can engage on Stageverse

How Stageverse takes social media to the next level

Creating safety and security in the metaverse

Being intentional about doing social good in the metaverse

Claire’s thoughts on creating traffic in metaverse spaces

Bringing the best practices from Web2 into this new Web3 world Why land is so valuable in a virtual landscape

What Stageverse is doing to create an inclusive and balanced ecosystem

The impact of the metaverse on mental health


Key terms used in the show

PFP: An abbreviation of profile picture, the term typically is used in relation to images that can be bought as part of an NFT series and used on social media profiles.

UGC: User-generated content; any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that has been posted by users on online platforms.

Whale: Large traders who can move the market with a single trade. In the context of Web3, they’re often organizations or funds that hold large quantities of crypto, making them extremely influential in the space.


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