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Easy tools to to level up

in a web3 world


Experience step-by-step guidance on the most important tools and technologies in web3. Whether for your career, investing, or curiosity you'll get the demos, resources and detailed how-to guides here. 



Each level contains 1 - 4 in depth education modules for you to explore and experience the most popular blockchain protocols and technologies.


What is Web3.0?


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The Playbook 100's of Eve Members Have Used to Successfully Get Started.


If you’ve heard about Web3, NFTs, Decentralized Finance, Stablecoins but haven’t found the time or support to learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

We demystify these concepts, share the tools & walk you through the process - all with a feminine lens. We’ve designed this with top experts, for everyone. 

“I increased my investing rate by 25% & made my first angel investment since joining Eve”
Sarah T. 
Executive at Freelancer
“I started staking my crypto assets and earning passive income from interest. Now I know how to invest in DeFi directly”
Katka O.
Startup Founder
“My net worth increased since my first Eve circle. I’m 10x more confident about my portfolio & strategy”
Mary C.
Executive at SAP
“I finally asked the questions I haven’t felt I had the space to ask & accessed investments I wouldn’t have seen without Eve”
Maya F.
Startup Founder

 Course Curriculum 

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By The End of This You’ll Have...


A visual of your current portfolio. 


A Plan

Goals for your investing rate & plan for how web3 fits in. 



Target investing rate & path to automate.


Your badge of honor.


Digital Wallet

And know how to start using it.



All of the platforms & tools you need to get in the game.


But most importantly, you’ll walk away with an understanding of how the decentralized world works, plus a resource of other members asking questions and sharing ideas. 

Go from crypto curious to

crypto confident


We’re creating a space where we can learn and earn, together.  More than 74% of crypto users are men, there's a huge opportunity to create more diversity in this new technology and wealth building revolution. 


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This Is For You If:

  • You're new to the decentralized finance "DeFi"  or Web3 space and want to learn about the technology and opportunities 
  • You want to clarify the best way to leverage your unique talents in a web3 world whether for career, investing or learning
  • You’re committed to building long-term and sustainable growth in all areas (money, mind, body and planet) 
  • You want to learn at your own pace and time 
  • You want accountability 

Meet Your Instructor

Alana Podrx


Alana is the Founder of Eve Wealth. She is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and feminine finance advocate. She previously launched McKinsey’s Venture group and is a 2x founder. Within web3, Alana is a contributor & member of Values Index, Seed Club HQ, Index Coop, and FWB. Her art is what brought her into the early crypto space, with collectors at Distributed Global and later NFTs at Digital XYZ. She is an active investor in early-stage technology companies including blockchain, encryption and space tech. 


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