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Now, we’re looking at a deeper dive into Web3. If you’ve ever wanted your own digital address or a way to make sending and receiving crypto easier, keep reading.

Let’s talk: Blockchain Domain Names

Let’s start off with a preface: what are blockchain domain names?
Blockchain domain names can be applied to your digital wallet address – so instead of a long string of numbers and letters, it can be any word.eth.
Word of security, blockchains are public and transparent! So if you connect a wallet to your identity anyone will be able to follow the transactions you make with that connected wallet- just like anything you post on a public website. Great to share your NFT collection if you want public clout, not great for your life savings.
The current competing companies are HandshakeUnstoppable Domains, and Ethereum Name Service. These services allow you to buy or rent a name server. You can buy directly from their website – for instance, here’s what it looks like on ENS:



For available domain names, simply complete registration.

This Week’s Resources:

ENS Registrations @ensregistry:
This account, maintained by ENS contributor @stevegachau, is a community-run registration bot that tracks and tweets the most recent .eth registrations. With tweets nearly every minute, the account goes to show how popular crypto domain names have become. Follow along for inspiration on your own web name, entertaining creative domains, and a very populated Twitter home feed.

This guide starts with the basics, reviewing what a DNS (domain name server) does and who controls it (spoiler: a centralized nonprofit known as ICANN). It then moves onto more advanced levels: the advantages decentralized name services hold, common use cases, and the biggest current players on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.
Read on for a 13-minute mid-level dive.

Contextualizing the Future of the Internet with What Are Blockchain Domains?:
The previously mentioned Unstoppable Domains, in addition to being the #1 provider of NFT domains, is one of the major leaders in the overall blockchain domain market. Its CEO, Matthew Gould, discusses its value on the Unstoppable Podcast.
This 28-minute episode explores the history of blockchain domains dating back to Bitcoin and Namecoin, covers the current news and usage of blockchain domains, and discusses a how-to register and what the future of blockchain domain naming might look like.

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