Making a Metaverse with Kiki Federico

Wilder World is a multilayered immersive 5D metaverse with the mission of creating a new dimension of reality, built on conscious foundations. 

Kiki Federico is a  creative and strategic partnerships leader with a niche in web3, advancing female-led culture and the female-led economy.  She is hyper-passionate about building initiatives to help to inform and empower us as individuals and power collective shifts: from an unwell, extractive, distracted, and reactive society to one of health, safety, information, and support that affords more people - especially women - the experience of connection and resources to actualize the longings that lie within our hearts.

She is currently leading enterprise partnerships with IFundWomen, the world's leading funding marketplace for women-owned small businesses, and Wilder World, a photorealistic metaverse and virtual nation set to open in 2023.

Eve #WealthWednesday Highlight 58: Kiki Federico, Strategic Partnerships - Wilder World

Can you share a bit about yourself?

I’m a passionate advocate for female-led culture. I have found ways to converge my interests in human evolution, and how we interact with technology by advancing the female lens in those spaces.

I’m excited to talk about all that. How these different parts have come together and liberating they can be.

What was your first investment?

I was living in the bay area, had my corporate job, and decided to take funds from my 401k. I put them in a self-directed brokerage account within my 401k and invest in some of the big tech stocks. That felt super empowering. That was taking my education and putting my money where I wanted it.

The first ever investment that I made and how I got into web3 and crypto space happened in 2018. I produced and curated a crypto conference in New York during a blockchain week and got paid in Ethereum. I had to get paid, I had to set up my wallet, and rush to get everything initiated. That was my very first stake in the ground, in the crypto space, and in investing.

How/why did you get into your space? 

I innately like to play at the edges of where things are going. Socially where culture is going, Individually how we develop ourselves as humans, and the edge of our growth in our consciousness, bodies, etc, and technologically because that’s feeding our social and individual evolution.

I am passionate about amplifying the female lens, I’m passionate about women, our bodies, perspectives, views, and ideas. I want to play a role in the self-actualization of women collectively during my lifetime.

Five years into my work in corporate America and automation technology. I had several experiences that culminated during my time living in the bay area. I woke up one day and saw the patriarchy,  I didn't know what that was before. That ignited me to look at my own life, what I embody, and what type of game I’m playing. I looked back at my life and saw that I had been a good daughter of the patriarchy playing into the roles, archetypes, energies, and dynamics. They were great for me in business and the boys club. I was learning a lot and being rewarded for it but I was disconnected from myself and what I wanted to bring forth. 

It’s been a 10-year journey of doing work advocating for women and building female-led culture. Consulting in companies, helping them strengthen their employees' workplaces for women, building spaces for artist, social clubs at music festivals, and doing strategic partnerships to further the equity in terms of women getting the financial support for our ideas.

This innate desire is that I have to be at the edge of how we're evolving. Individually and collectively. That's where web3 and metaverse are converging. How we're evolving as people and as a society, what and how we express ourselves. There’s been a natural fit between these. Things that I’m nerding out on my own time but got to make a career out of it.

I lead strategic partnerships at Wilder World, a photo-realistic metaverse. We are launching land sales later this year and OpenWorld in 2023, it's an incredible project. I also lead partnerships for iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform and funding marketplace for women-owned businesses.

On the Wilder World side, I was in web three and blockchain since 2018. I initially felt some aversion to the metaverse space. I am an earth girl. I love nature. I'm a Yogi and a meditator. I initially resisted this space, but as I looked at it deeper, I started to see how this is an unprecedented landscape for human expression, interaction, and synchronicity. It has the potential to facilitate all those things that I love about living in a big city like San Francisco, New York, or Mexico City. The random encounters that you have on the street. The cool, weird people just doing their thing. It mirrors the next level of our expression. It has dynamics in play, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. From the metaverse standpoint, that’s the reason why I’m drawn to that.

I’m interested in how we’re evolving our consciousness for the project itself. Human development is a baseline. It’s what I do a lot personally and professionally. Something that stood out to me about this team is the balanced perspective on what they’re building. It bridges human development with metaverse development. The values, ethos, and potential that are being created through this project mirror what I value. It is done with a deep commitment to artistic quality that ensures we are doing things not extractive for human attention. Building something that’s proving out. A new model of wealth creation, human coordination, and organization.

Can you share more about Zero as a protocol and what role you play in the wealth space and why is it important?

Zero is a protocol meant to host multiple metaverses not just Wilder World. The uniting or unifying ethos behind Zero is that a project that’s being built and constructed must be something that is moving our economic constructs and society forward. It’s not our replication of capitalism or advertising models. It is based on DAOs and the distribution of information, wealth, and community participation.

It is an infrastructure that is becoming available for communities that want to create their own DAOs.

We’re building Wiami, a futuristic creative interpretation of the first city that will eventually become the entire world. It’s built using LIDAR data that was publicly open sourced from the city of Miami which was a partner of ours. We’ve built an entirely new terrain, a new city that is circular in nature and has elements pulled from burning man. We’re working with some of the top women architects. It’s over ten times the size of GTA 5. It’s a massive virtual playground that we’ll get to exist and play in. We’re also having our very first Genesis land sale later this year.

We’re the first procedurally generated land sale. It’s not just an open plot of land that you need to find a 3d designer to build on. Through our technology, we’ve built a powerful procedural NFT engine. It is similar to those randomly computer-generated attributes that you would see in a PFP project like eyes, earrings, nose, backgrounds, et cetera but for actual buildings and constructed sites.

Wilder World is based on photo realism. It’s built with unreal engine five which has an insane level of qualities. Whatever we decide to build and create, we get to experience a high level of refinement and high fidelity. There are blue chips NFT projects that remained but there’s the next level of photorealism that looks at its artistic quality, ethos, and its team. Deciding what you want to be part of and what kind of community or purpose you want to align with.

I am passionate about women being part of this space. It’s an opportunity to get in at the genesis of something that’s being built with an insane amount of quality and intention and to have ownership. I’ve always been playing in the DEI space and the equity piece is one of the hardest things to achieve. There are plenty of rooms that want people of color and women to come to speak. Be an advisor and share their creativity but it's not as often that we're really able to extend this kind of ownership. It’s an interesting time and space for women to get in. I want to see women in WilderWorld because if you’re building a city there’s culture. It is an incredibly important time for women to have their visions and presence known in spaces like this. It’s meant for us to have fun, it doesn’t have to be serious. It’s about joy, expression, and having fun finding these new ways. To invest and grow is the name of the game.

What do you believe is the most exciting thing you’ve learned and want others to know?

First, is taking a long-term view. This can be applied to metaverse, web3, and investing. I’ve learned that I’ve spent so many years feeling that I needed to have an insane amount of growth in my life, finances, and career in a short period of time. I’m putting that pressure on myself. Playing a longer-term game is so much better for our nervous system. That helps us to stay grounded. When entering into the matters of crypto and Web3, everything changes quickly like the rest of the world. The space needs grounded non-reactive people. bringing that long terms view to our personal space and how we interact with this new economy is a huge benefit.

Second, there’s no one way to be in Web3 or your career. We came from a time when we were being coached to specialize in something. Have a thing that you do that you can become known for. I struggled for a long time feeling like I needed to be one thing. Now, I see my interest in metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, my love of nature, and human development totally play with having a mind for economics and structuring partnerships, and building organizations. All of these things fit together and inform each other. Embracing the diversity of your interests and seeing how you can play in web3 while expressing a fragment of yourself is the new permission slip. I hope others learn from this because we need that multi-hyphenate nature in this space. We need people interested in just as much the physical as the digital. All are playing together.

Is there a person or a company that’s really inspired you?

Michelle Pellizzon is the founder and CEO of Holisticism. She’s somebody whom I’ve been inspired to embrace what she calls a “squiggly brain” person, a person who has divergent interests. Divergent thinking sees a lot of different interconnections between something. She is stripping away how we label a person that doesn't want to keep doing the same thing forever or having trouble committing. Seeing how we can work with that and how that informs all of the work we do. She’s big on finances and wealth creation. I love her.

Another example is Bozoma Saint John, former CMO of Netflix, and other women that are redefining what it means to be a woman, an adult, business women, and a  mother. They’re redefining what it means to be a self-actualized woman in my book. They embody play, joy, and creativity.

What advice would you give to someone getting started?

When it comes to web3 and metaverse, it’s kind of getting your hands in the clay. Get better at reading your energy and tune in with your own energy to know what you’re drawn to. What projects, people, etc. 

That will serve almost more than anything to know where your authenticity lies.

Getting involved in a passion project even simply getting together with someone and talking about crypto or looking at NFTs. Making it a thing and being able to leverage that. Going into conferences and having conversations.

As part of a project called Satoshi Nakamoto is female, I produced that conference last 2018. I kind of sem crashed the conference because there were a lot of finance guys back in those days. It was a renegade initiative to bring women into that space. That was the stepping stone that got me into rooms and gave me something to create and talk about where I was a participant and not a bystander. That speaks volumes if you want to get involved in web3. Those are the things that you can leverage with your other skill sets to get more involved strategically or concretely in a space.

IFundWomen is an incredible platform to get your idea funded or for anybody who wants to do a crowdfunding campaign. There are a ton of grants that are offered throughout the year and a ton of free resources including the IFundWomen playbook. 

How can we stay in touch?

Hit me up on LinkedIn Kiki Federico. Send me a DM I'd love to chat.

In terms of Wilder World, you can find us at and get on our email list. Stay tuned for the land sale that's happening later this year. 

For the iFundWomen, just go to our website and then get started. You can download and start an account to see all of the resources that are offered there. 


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