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Olivia Louise Peacock is the Founder of Crypto Dames, an educational community for women in Web3 that aims to break the barrier to equal opportunity in Web3, Crypto, and Blockchain. Aside from being a Founder, Olivia has been in the Marketing, Brand Management, Community Building, and Customer experience industry for over 12 years. She worked with firms such as the Daily Mail - the UK’s largest selling newspaper, and currently leads the marketing department at Teamway.

Eve #WealthWednesdayHighlight 74: Olivia Peacock, Founder - Crypto Dames

What was your first investment?

I've always been interested in traditional finance. I was fortunate my dad was open to teaching his daughters about money and finance. Ie. The importance of handling your finances, having a budget, what is good and bad debt, how credit cards work, and investing. I've been fortunate that my dad taught me those things at such a young age.

When I was 14 years old, my grandfather sadly passed away, and all of his grandchildren received a small inheritance from him. At the time, I knew that spending that money or putting it in a bank to depreciate wasn’t a good idea, so I opened something called a  Junior ISA (Individual Savings Account) for stocks and bonds. Anybody under 18 can open this account, invest their money, and they won't pay tax on any dividends that they will receive. It is a great incentive for young people, especially in the UK. I put my money in an ISA and I let it sit there until I was 21. I didn't want to use it on anything apart from something special. I’d always wanted to travel the US, so, when I turned 21, I used those funds to travel to the US and toured 18 states.

If you're in the UK, you can check out different ISAs that you can get for you and your children. There are up to 8 different types of ISA accounts in the UK for adults and children,  and you can choose between a traditional long-term savings account that is purely tax-free saving for children.

How/why did you get into your space? 

In terms of crypto and web3, I noticed how popular it was when I was growing up. I had a lot of friends that started to mention it which got me interested, so I researched a lot and went job hunting for marketing positions in Web3, blockchain, and the crypto space. The idea of women in web3 stemmed from my experience with traditional finance and investing. There's a massive difference in the number of male investors compared to female investors. When I transitioned into crypto, I was seeing the same thing. If not, even a slightly bigger gender gap, and that is what pushed me to change that.

There's already a huge gap in traditional finance and we’re seeing it in this ‘new’ industry too - we are making the same mistakes again, and we have to change that. It was my motivation to start Crypto Dames to give free education to women about web3, crypto, and blockchain.

What role do you play in the wealth space and why is it important?

I want to be an inspiration to women who want to get started. Crypto and Blockchain are marketed toward the male audience, that's why you will see FTX and adverts sponsoring Formula1. Men are more exposed to the crypto space compared to women. I hope I can be a source of inspiration and motivation to break down the barriers to entering the web3 space. Even in Europe, on average there is  a 13% pay gap between a man and a woman, despite having the same position, same educational background, and age. It's got to stop. We already have so many barriers, so let's not create more in this new industry - which ironically is supposed to be community-driven and based on a consensus mechanism. It's supposed to be by the people, for the people.

What do you believe is the most exciting thing you’ve learned and want others to know?

There is a huge potential in blockchain technology. Web3 and crypto in general are often seen as money-making schemes or scams. That's what I hear the most when I speak to different women in the groups. Crypto is a digital currency, but the technology is built on blockchain technology and it can be used in so many different ways that we haven't even discovered yet but it will come in the future! The potential of blockchain technology and what it can do for society in the future is really exciting.

Is there any particular use case or company that’s really inspiring you in this space and why?

We're still in the early days and we're going through a lot of regulation talks in the EU at the moment. We can't say for sure where those regulations will end up, we have an idea - but we can't be sure. We have already seen the potential of blockchain technology, for example with smart contracts. We can now sell a physical house via a smart contract instead of traditional sales contract and buying. The security in this technology is on another level, and could be implemented in so many different ways. The fact that any person can have more control over their data and be able to track where their data is being handled is amazing. They're all going to be more important as we go along, and blockchain technology can alleviate some of the issues that we see in those areas.

What advice would you give to someone getting started?

This is something we touched on at the wealth summit and it's the feeling of being extremely overwhelmed if you're relatively new to the space. You might read, hear, or learn something, and you think that you will never fully understand it. For example, people think ‘I'm never going to understand tokenomics’ or whatever it might be.’ I give up, I'm never going to get there.’

Rome wasn't built in a day. No matter how overwhelmed you feel at the moment, it's important to brush it aside and give yourself time. Take a break or whatever you need, and come back when you're ready. There's a lot of information out there - Crypto and Blockchain is quite a rabbit hole. You could go down as far as you want, and you'll still never hit the bottom! Take the breathing space you need, and then come back with a refreshed mind and you will get through it - you will succeed.

Hats off to Denise. It was amazing to get to speak with and meet her at the Wealth Summit because I started my journey in Surge. There are also other huge US-based communities like SheFi and Cryptobesties. There was so much inspiration and everybody there was so helpful. I would ask questions in those communities and they were so helpful, which creates a staple base for you to lean on and get support when you need it. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something. Somebody can help and there will always be someone to help you.

How can we stay in touch?

Everyone is always welcome to reach out to me on LinkedIn. Crypto Dames has a discord server and Facebook group, most of us are based in the EU and the Nordic countries -  but everybody is welcome to join.

If there are any businesses out there that actively want to make a difference for the female community. If anyone wants to get into Web3 and Blockchain and crypto and learn more - please reach out to me.  I would love to set up some educational time for the girls and ladies in the group. If you know that your company could help with that education, please reach out, and let's talk about it.

Have thoughts on this week’s topic or questions for me or Olivia? Post your thoughts in the comment section. Until next week. 🙂

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