What is DeFi?

Welcome to Eve’s Web3 Weekly!
Each week we talk about top 3 resources to follow, read, and watch in Web3.
This week’s focus: DeFi (decentralized finance).

This Week’s Resources:

Your Essential DeFi Starter Pack with DeFi Curious:
Eve Wealth is a female investing DAO that connects a community of women in chat, workshops, portfolio shares, investment opportunities, and more. DeFi Curious is their course (launched today!) to walk through a guide to starting to invest in Web3. There are two tracks: a self-guided course and a community course with access to the Eve Wealth Community. In a world where only 6% of Bitcoin investors are women, Eve aims to close the gap.
Moody’s Analytics and Gauntlet collaborate in this piece to explain DeFi from a more technical perspective. Written from a traditional finance background, this gives recommendations of risk assessment frameworks with which we might look at crypto. Whether you’re looking at DeFi from a beginner’s eye or a corporate perspective, the analysis helps breaks DeFi down into its building blocks.
In just over an hour, Bankless covers how inflation and the state of the federal reserve impacts the crypto market. Coming from a crypto podcast hosting Jim Bianco, a seasoned investor and President of Bianco Research, breaks down traditional finance (and how it has affected bond values) and how those values translate to a decentralized world. Skip to 48:00 to hear about crypto’s value as an asset.
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